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What is PCO?

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) is a powerful FDA approved air purification process that replicates the sun’s ability to destroy organic pathogens in the air and on surfaces. By employing UV-C germicidal lamps and photo catalytic “Technosite” treated reactors, Nano PCO air purification systems safely eradicate 99.999% of the malignant contaminants in the air you breathe.

Viruses - Bacteria - Mold - Fungi - VOCs

Kills Viruses

Nano PCO Air Purification Systems eliminate any viruses in the air using PCO technology.

Cleans Surfaces

Nano PCO air Purification Systems clean surfaces by exhausting clean air that cleans surfaces.

Removes Odor

Nano PCO Air Purification systems eliminate any particles in the air removing odors in the room.

Nano 7700 Mini

Our Most popular stand alone unit.

The Nano PCO 7700 Mini air sanitizer is perfect for homes and
small offices where it eliminates air borne pathogens and odors. It
is perfectly sized for hospital rooms and doctor’s offices where it
destroys MRSA, H1N1, and other harmful contaminants. The
7700 Mini has proven its effectiveness at reducing asthma attacks
in classrooms and daycare facilities where it virtually eliminates all
airborne bacteria and viruses. Contact us today to see how you
can protect the ones you love.

Step One

Contaminated air enters the unit passing through a pre-filter much like the filter on a HVAC system.

Step Two

The air travels through the interior chambers where the Technosite reactor pads and UV-C lights destroy virtually all organic contaminants turning them to ash.

Step Three

Sanitized air and Hydroxyl Radicals are released back into the room where they seek out organic pathogens destroying them in the air, and on surfaces. Nano PCO units work around the clock to provide a safe environment in virtually any application.